WordPress riches, themes, plugins and coarses

If your reading this post well it’s on a WordPress powered site. As many other blogs online today. What few realize is just how massive and lucrative the world of WordPress is.

Yes WordPress itself is free and so are many themes and plugins ( which by the way are free but usually include a link back the creators site, so really you gave them a link in exchange for a theme.

Now I myself have just started to dive into the lucrative world that WordPress can be. Don’t get me wrong ice used it for years, have well over 20 sites powered by WordPress and have invested in plugins and a few themes.

So now I’m looking into providing some of my own products specifically a udemy video and a plugin I’m working on.

So back to the topic… WordPress is lucrative because it has such a huge user base so products are always being searched for. Start to pay attention what theme sites or online courses have as top sellers!! It’s always a few WordPress products. If you look at just coarses check out click banks top sellers or udemy best sellers. And we are talking 100k profits not a thousands

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