What good is Craigslist

if you are not familiar with craigslist. its a free classidfied sites. its only text and even though the apperance is plane and has not chnage since they opened up. the site recieves millions of users posting and searchi g the listings. as the site grew to a gobal scale they added a posting fee for the job category for manor cities but otherwise maitains as a free site. Now The power of thinking out of the box can take this simple looking site and turn it into a gold mine for the right person.

To get you thinking lets start with a simple activity. Personally hands on is my favorite way to learn. Lets open up a email account on hotmail or gmail. Then lets post a fake ad for say a free dog or car for sale. If you want to see serious results post an ad as a women in the casual dating section. ( not for the weak at heart)
Now keep in mind this is simply an activity and don’t recommend you spend your days making fake ads. Craigslist has many filters and ways of knowing who is trying to abuse the system and you will get bAnned. Trust me I’ve been there before.

Ok so lets post an ad and make sure to include an image.

Now we wait… Get up and go to fridge or potty and come ba I in a few mins. So how many replies did you get?

Now let it run for a day or 2 then come back and see how you did.

Ok I’m sure your thinking so what i got some replies or your blown away how easy that was to get replies. But your not selling a car or women looking for a fling.

But take a step back and think what your looking at. You now a free source of leads within a niche. Males looking for a date or families looking for a pet, maybe Someone looking for a BMW

We can turn around and now organize our replies and build a massive list of leads targeted by niche.

We then can send them offers like dating sites, car websites, pet deals and so on.

Now if your smart you will not just email them junk but possibly respond to the the leads in a smart way and not be obvious.

Good luck!

Craigslist 2.0 arbitrage

Folks are always try to get rid of things, well one mans trash is Anothers treasure. Simple pickup things of value and repost them with a nicer ad and a great low price. Free inventory and free marrketing. It’s some manual labor but it. An pay off if you play it right. Or need some quick money.

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