The Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Auto Posting

SNAP can publish nicely formatted messages to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, LiveJournal, Delicious, Diigo, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, WordPress, and Tumblr accounts. You can reach the most audience and let all your friends, readers and followers about your new post automatically. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.

Plugin makes 100% White Labeled Posts. The main idea behind the plugin is to give you the ability to promote only yourself. Plugin uses your own apps and all posts to all networks come only from you. No “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.

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Where to find a Virtual Assitant

If you Plan to make it online, The truth is we have to many things to do and not enough time.  below is a list of where you can find yourself a Virtual assistant to help you Speed up your online success

Elance The top platform for online work, Elance is the most-popular place to find, hire, manage and collaborate with online freelancers.No set price

TaskArmy outsourcing of website related tasks such as Word Press related servicesNo set price

oDesk  Virtual platform for online work and a place to find, hire, manage and collaborate with online freelancers.No set price is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business & EntrepreneursNo set price

Tasks EveryDaya full service offshore outsourcing solution provider$6.98/Hr

Team Double ClickTeam Double-Click® offers a full array of services including cloud-based virtual administrative, sales and marketing coordination, transcription and real estate transaction coordination.No set price

AssistU Virtual Assistant Training, coaching and referral servicesfixed price $750(guided) or Free (DIY)

Assistant MatchAssistant Match was created in 2007 by Katie Gutierrez Miller to make it easy for growing businesses to find and work with the best, US-based virtual assistants.fixed price $395 ($95 deposit to start search)Office Details A website listing work at home job links and sponsored listings.No set price

VA Networking Online social network for Virtual AssistantsFree to joinResource Nation Virtual Assistant Vendor matching services with purchasing adviceNo set price-Free quotes

Virtual Assistants Online Virtual assistant Job board serviceNo set price

International Virtual Assistants Association -The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional education and development of members of the Virtual Assistance profession, and to educating the public on the role and function of the Virtual Assistant.Membership-$137 annually

Virtual Assistance U A website listing work at home job links and sponsored listings.No set price

Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce  online professional community and resource center for independent professionals who specialize specifically in the business and art of administrative support.Free to join

Staff Centrix  A training and development company that designed the first virtual-work training programs for the US Department of State and the US Armed Forces with primary expertise in (1) virtual work and (2) Internet fraud and safety.Free to join

Find Virtual SEO Blog site–currently no services offeredN/A

Get Friday Virtual Assistance global outsourcingMonthly plans-$10-$1120/month

Longer Days leading U.S. based virtual assistance company providing assorted VA servicesMonthly plans-$350-$840/month or pay as you go $40/Hr

Hire My Mom Mother (work at home Mom’s) oriented virtual assistance servicesNo set price-Free to post

GuruVirtual platform for online work and a place to find, hire, manage and collaborate with online freelancers.No set price

PeoplePerHourVirtual platform for online work (at hourly rates) and a place to find & hire online freelancers.Under $30-over $150/Hr 

ScriptLanceAcquired by–see aboveNo set Price

Rent a Coder Virtual platform for online work and a place to find & hire online IT oriented freelancers.No set price

Virtual Staff FinderThe number one provider of dedicated, experienced, offshore VA including home-based General Admin Assistants, Web Developers and Designers, Content Writers and SEO SpecialistNo set Price

TaskRabbitThis one is quite neat in that it focuses more on the assistant nature and less on the virtual. It’s actually a place to look for a VA in your area, so they can do household errands (dry cleaning, lawn mowing, that sort of things). So even if you don’t run an online business, there may still be a place in your life for hired help.No set Pric

MOBE – Scam or Cash Cow

I have allot going on right now with my Travel Sites and Looking for a Location to lease to operate my Fitness program. I have been debating on testing out this High ticket program! Now thre payouts are amazing but the buy is not for the weak at heart..we are talking $2,000 one time of a 4 payments. so ive made it through several steps on the intial intro program and may consider giving it a try!

Fitur 2014

Just got back from a week in Madrid at the fitur, this the 3rd biggest travel industry event in the world. Every time I attended I am reminded by the insane amount of money in the world. It’s just a matter of going out to get it!

So much money to go around

As I am here in Madrid waiting to attended fitur the 3rd largest trade show for the travel industry. I walk through the endless isles of stands full of companies from all over the world only to be reminded just how much money is out there. These stands are and booths are amazing in design. We saw a booth with a beach and water. Booths are being custom built for 3 days only to be torn down… That’s some serious cash. Allot of times we so not realize that making money or becoming wealthy is like playing a game and the winner is who figures out how to get the people to hand them over cash. Yes it is that simple… Each game has rules but that is how you must see it.. A game with rules that you need to outsmart everyone so they hand over their cash!!

How to get 26hrs in a day

So don’t you wish you had more time? Feel like nothing ever gets done? Well let me teach you how to squeeze more time out of your day. Lets start with what are you wasting time on? Emails? Candy crush ? TV? See time is the most valuable thing any person has. We can not get it back once it has been wasted, or trade it or buy more. Yet it is the number one thing we waste.

Successful people may come off as mean pricks when they feel you are wasting their time because they have learned to value you it. Stop and think how much time do you waste on a game or tv. Or replying to emails?

You need to limit the time you waste and transform it to productive or income generating time. Here is an example. This blog post, I’m doing while sitting waiting for some food to be served while I’m in Madrid. I could be watching the local soccer game but that’s a waste for me. Also email.. Only check it 2x a day. This way your not taken away from other things be used of you reviewing emails.

Your are rich as you want to be

It’s sounds kinda crazy right? Just because I think or want a Ferrari doesn’t mean it magically appears!! This is very true BUT. The more you want it and set your mind to do what you need to do.. The more it becomes real. See success is not about talent or money or even having a clue of what you are doing. it helps to have any of those 3 to speed up the process but really you need to want it and become obsessed to the point that it is real!! That is what success it built on.. Even when you are broke, or after failed attempts continue to know in your gut feeling that you will make it happen. What’s amazing is how often it does I’d you just don’t quit!!

Crossfit brand or cult?

I’m sure you have heard of crossfire or maybe the crossfit games sponsored by reebok. What can we learn from this cult like brand that in 2013 made aprox 50 million??? Well branding is key… That’s for sure and building a loyal community. What many do not know is that crossfit is not a program or certain way to work out, hell it’s not even a franchise. It’s $1,000 and a 2 coarse in Atlanta to be certified as a trainer and if you want to name your gym with the word crossfit $3000 per yr. it’s a straight yearly license. This simple method has taken this garage name and transformed it into a movement of global scale. All crossfit really does is a great job and marketing it’s brand and protecting from the ones not paying up! This has created so much momentum with people that they feel anyone with anything similar is just a copy cat. So whatever we do or market we should treat the same way!!! We are the best … Even if your not or even really sell a program. Act like you are and charge like you are… All of a sudden you start to become it.

WordPress riches, themes, plugins and coarses

If your reading this post well it’s on a WordPress powered site. As many other blogs online today. What few realize is just how massive and lucrative the world of WordPress is.

Yes WordPress itself is free and so are many themes and plugins ( which by the way are free but usually include a link back the creators site, so really you gave them a link in exchange for a theme.

Now I myself have just started to dive into the lucrative world that WordPress can be. Don’t get me wrong ice used it for years, have well over 20 sites powered by WordPress and have invested in plugins and a few themes.

So now I’m looking into providing some of my own products specifically a udemy video and a plugin I’m working on.

So back to the topic… WordPress is lucrative because it has such a huge user base so products are always being searched for. Start to pay attention what theme sites or online courses have as top sellers!! It’s always a few WordPress products. If you look at just coarses check out click banks top sellers or udemy best sellers. And we are talking 100k profits not a thousands

The yahoo email race is on!!

With the news that yahoo will be deactivating unused emails consider it a chance to get a vanity email or your own name. Yahoo has even setup a wish list that you can submit to be considered for address that may pop up.

Yahoo estimates about 50 million emails will become available… You can bet some spammer and shady folks are interested in getting a few good emails that may gain you access to Facebook, eBay,twitter or other major sites.